Every hockey fan can point to a moment or two on the ice that can be described as magical, but a new NHL YouTube series is taking that literally.

On Monday, the National Hockey League dropped the inaugural episode of “Hockey is Magic”, a new online series in which magician Justin Flom baffles NHL greats with his unbelievable illusions.

In the first episode, Flom is joined by Montreal Canadiens forward Max Domi, and Flom begins by asking if there’s anyone he can involve in the trick via FaceTime on his phone.

“My dad?” asks Domi, referring to father Tie Domi, who played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets during his 16-year hockey career.

The phone rings and a familiar face — albeit not Domi’s — pops up instead: Mark Wahlberg.

Flom is flummoxed, admitting this was not set up and he had no idea the former Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch rapper would be involved in his trick.

“You’re a magician?” asks Wahlberg.

“Yes!” replies Flom enthusiastically.

“Disappear, let me talk to Max, willya,” jokes the “Planet of the Apes” star.

With Wahlberg and Domi’s dad watching via FaceTime, Flom performs a card trick that leaves them stunned. “What the f**k?” declares Wahlberg.

Flom performs a few more tricks that leave Domi amazed, including one called “Save the Puck” that he then demonstrates how to perform.

“I want to combine hockey and magic in kind of an interesting way,” Flom tells Domi. “And maybe if this works out, I’ll show you kind of how to do this.”

Look for new episodes of “Hockey is Magic” to premiere each Monday, featuring such NHL stars as Alex Ovechkin, P.K. Subban, Sidney Crosby and more.