Pests on the ice and in the comments section

by Steven Nechay @CanadiensMTL /

MONTREAL — This Thanksgiving weekend, we’re thankful to have Max Domi and Brendan Gallagher as teammates for our entertainment.

The pair already have a goal and three assists between them in two games, but they’re also earning points with fans off the ice on social media.

On Sunday, Domi shared a photo on his Instagram feed in partnership with a Canadian menswear company, and it didn’t take long for Gallagher to crash the comments section.

Check out the vertically-challenged exchange below.

With a total of five current Habs adding their own two cents to the thread, we’re just wondering how long it will take resident Habs dad Shea Weber to get onto Instagram — if only to keep his kids in check.

Until then, pass the popcorn.