It’s been three months since the Arizona Coyotes traded Max Domi to the Montreal Canadiens. How’s he doing?


It can happen to any NHL player.


For Max Domi, an Arizona Coyotes’ fan favorite he’s okay with going to the Montreal Canadiens. He couldn’t get #16 on his new Canadien jersey since that number has been retired by the team in honor of Elmer Lach who helped to transform the Canadiens into the class of the NHL.

The hard-nosed center was known as the best playmaker in the league in those days and set the Canadiens record for assists in a game with six.

Why #13 jersey?

Instead, Domi chose #13 in honor of this father, Tie Domi’s close friend and teammate, Mats Sundin.

“That’s 100% why I’m wearing #13,” he said. “It’s a little bit weird to see 13 with the last name Domi on the back of a Habs jersey. But I don’t really care, I think it looks great. It’s a great number. I wore it my whole childhood.”

Domi switched to #13 from #16, which was a tribute to former Philadelphia Flyer Bobby Clarke. Domi started to wear #16 when he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 12.

Domi has his specially trained dog Orion to help him with his diabetes. The dog can sense from the smell of Domi’s saliva whether he needs to check his blood sugar level.

In the meantime, Max has been acclimating himself with his new digs (I’m sure Orion is doing likewise), while to most all Coyotes’ fans it may seem bizarre at best to see one of your favorite players in another team’s jersey… it is what it is.

One must say he looks rather sharp in it and he hopes to wear it proudly playing for one of the original six NHL teams which is quite the honor. For now, Domi is just taking it all in and the adjustment seems on target especially since he was traded three months ago.

How will Domi fit in with the Canadiens?

The main thing which has happened recently is that the former captain of the Canadiens, Max Pacioretty was traded to the Vegas Golden Knights. What does that mean for Domi?

Once a center but most recently while still playing for the Arizona Coyotes he was playing on the wing with some good success. The turn of events could elevate which line Domi plays on. He could fit in at wing or center and in any case, it appears that he will be playing on the first line, which has to be a thrill for the young player.

Domi was very complimentary of the Arizona Coyotes’ organization but he also is clearly excited to be playing in Montreal.

“I haven’t been able to stop smiling the whole time,” he said.

“Some people might not want to play in a market like this, other people might want to, other people might not care. I definitely am truly excited to be here and I want to be here, and I’m hoping that this brings out the best in me. and, you know what, excited to step into a team that’s got a lot of great hockey players on it already.”

Now Domi stated that BEFORE the team traded Pacioretty away, but for him, the thrill of playing in an arena where his Dad took him to as a child has got to bring chills to his inner soul.

Will it inspire his level of play?

It has been more than over-mentioned (by this writer as well) that the Coyotes got the better end of the trade landing a proven center like Galchenyuk who has scored 30 goals in a season.

That may be well and true, but don’t count out a tough competitor like Max Domi.

He will go out on the ice every game with the intention of proving to the Coyotes and the entire league that he’s just as good or better than his trade counterpart.

After all, it’s instilled in him.

His Dad is Tie Domi.