– Steven Psihogios

While Max Domi was part of a deal that sent him from the Arizona Coyotes to the Montreal Canadiens this summer, it wasn’t the first time he was involved in a pretty crucial trade.

You see, the 23-year old winger from Winnipeg is an avid user of Instagram and found himself in need of a handle upgrade befitting of his social media chops. Upon seeing that ‘@Max’ was already in use (obviously), the former first-round pick decided to see what it might take to make it his.

“I reached out to the guy […], I just said hey man, like I’m sure you have lots of people asking for your handle, but what are the chances I can get it?” Domi told Yahoo Canada Sports at a recent BioSteel training camp in Toronto. “He responded ‘Max.done’ and I was like ‘ok, thanks, appreciate the response.’ Then I looked at it and it literally said ‘Max.done’ so he must’ve given it up.”

Normally it would take a little more bargaining to get a deal like that done, but the three-year pro was able to walk away with the prized asset without giving up a dollar.

Just goes to show you that it doesn’t hurt to ask a question.