– Alec Gearty

Max Domi has never been shy regarding his battle with Type-1 Diabetes.

In an article that was written for The Players Tribune, Domi recalled many occasions, while playing junior hockey with the London Knights, where fans would talk with him about diabetes. It’s what made the Arizona Coyotes star become a strong advocate of Diabetes Awareness.

The 22-year old hopes to bring more diabetes awareness by starting his own campaign in which he calls a “#FundRazor for Diabetes.” Domi’s plan calls to raise over $100 thousand for the JDRF Revolution Ride to Defeat Diabetes, even if it means parting ways with his beard that has proudly been on display throughout the Coyotes’ season.

Tie Domi, Max’s father and former Toronto Maple Leaf, did the honors.

By Wednesday night, Domi’s GoFundMe page has had received over 200 contributions and raised a total of $68,375.

Connor McDavid and Mario Lemieux and several of Domi’s teammates have made notable contributions to Domi’s cause but what fills the donation page are the numerous stories shared by parents revealing how Domi has served as a role model for aspiring hockey players that share the disease.

Domi wears No. 16 with the Coyotes because of Flyers’ great Bobby Clarke, who is a Type-1 diabetic as well. In his most recent season with the Coyotes, Domi recorded 38 points including 29 assists in 59 games.