Hi, Melanie.  I just wanted to reach out to you and express how grateful Matthew and I were to share last Thursday’s Canucks game/Meet and Greet with you and your colleagues.  A big shout out “Thank You ” to Bayer who made it possible.  It was a great experience for us! In addition, I was extremely impressed with Max Domi. In his conversation with Matthew, he was very focused and genuinely pleased to be having words with Matthew.  He even offered to get game tickets for us when we travel to Anaheim with Matthew’s hockey team in April(if circumstances permit). Matthew admitted after the fact that he is usually quite shy when talking with a stranger, but he shared that he felt very comfortable speaking with Max. As if he had been “buds” with Max all along.
Overall, super experience!!!

“Thank you”, Melanie! “Thank you “, Bayer! And most oof all, THANK YOU”, Max!!!

It was an experience we will never forget!

Please pass this message along to Max.

Kathleen and Matthew Share