Dear Max, as a fellow type 1 diabetic and 20 year old, I know first hand the extreme challenges life brings daily. Even without the vigorous hockey schedule and workouts I know type 1 is frustrating. I wanted to thank you for being a pioneer as a type 1 in the NHL. I have always loved playing hockey, but when I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2012 I never could build up the courage to keep playing due to the complications I’m sure you’re all to familiar with. Hockey was always the game that I could play and forget about everything else in the world. But as you know with diabetes you must be aware of your sugar throughout the games. You are the one who inspired me to work harder so that I could maintain a healthy sugar level throughout a game. I just want to thank you for example. Keep up the good work. I’m from New York City, if you ever have some free time out here I’d love to meet you.

Keep up the good work, Joseph Hall