160608-015_Ascensia-Max-Domi-Partnership-Announcement-news-release-FINAL_FR-1Together they will help raise diabetes awareness and provide support and coaching for Canadians living with the disease

TORONTO, July 26, 2016 /CNW/ – Ascensia Diabetes Care, in partnership with professional hockey player Max Domi, today announced the launch of the Accuracy Coach program as a new feature of CONTOUR® NEXT’s Powered by Accuracy Campaign.  Acting as ‘head coach’ for the campaign, Max will share his own story, working closely with healthcare professionals and other people with diabetes, to inspire and educate Canadians about diabetes.

Max, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, hopes that by opening up about his personal experiences with diabetes he will inspire a call-to-action for Canadians to visit poweredbyaccuracy.ca to learn more from Accuracy Coaches about better diabetes management.  Ultimately, he wants to encourage people living with diabetes to understand how they can still lead remarkable lives.

“Managing diabetes can be hard, but with the right coaching and support there are no limits. It’s so important that people with diabetes have the confidence to develop a healthy mindset and take control,” says Domi. “I want to reach as many people as I can and share my own experience and tell my own story. Diabetes hasn’t stopped me and the goals I’ve set for myself, and it doesn’t have to stop anyone else.”

The CONTOUR® NEXT Powered by Accuracy Campaign also includes a new website that will act as a resource and support system for people managing diabetes, helping them to take their management of the disease to the #nextLevel.  The goal of the site is to provide inspiration, educational content and support for people with diabetes to manage and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle through coaching and guidance from Accuracy Coaches, including Max.

By visiting poweredbyaccuracy.ca people can find personal accounts and anecdotes from those living with diabetes, along with health-related information from industry professionals, educational videos and an opportunity to submit their own diabetes-related question directly to Max via an interactive Q&A on the site.

There are more than eleven million Canadians living with diabetes or prediabetes and every three minutes another Canadian is diagnosed.[1] As a result of stigma or fear of stigma, 37% of Canadians with type 2 diabetes surveyed said they do not feel comfortable disclosing their diabetes. [2]

Research and anecdotal stories strongly indicate that people managing diabetes are hesitant to ask for help. And many don’t know how to manage and overcome diabetes-related challenges. They need support and that’s where an Accuracy Coach can help. Through the campaign, other people with diabetes will share their own story to encourage and inspire others.

“Max Domi is truly a remarkable individual and we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with him,” says Russ Newsome, Region Head of North America, Ascensia Diabetes Care, “At Ascensia our goal is to empower people living with diabetes, and seek to understand their challenges and provide meaningful solutions.”

CONTOUR® NEXT and Max Domi will help Canadians with diabetes by providing tips, inspiration, quality products and solutions. Together, they are determined to help both people with diabetes and their families feel comfortable discussing the disease and the challenges it brings.

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[1] http://www.diabetes.ca/about-diabetes/types-of-diabetes

[2] http://www.diabetes.ca/how-you-can-help/advocate/why-federal-leadership-is-essential/diabetes-statistics-in-canada