I am certain you receive lots of fan mail and I am hoping that somehow this letter makes its way to you.  This letter is written from a mom that wants to thank you for the positive impact you have had on my daughter’s life.  Although she has never had the opportunity to meet you, your openness about having Type I Diabetes has truly been an inspiration to her.  Julia was diagnosed much in the same way as you were coming home from an out of town trip with many stops.  She had always kept her condition hidden from most of the family and friends.  Over the past year or so she had learned about your condition and ways in which you have dealt with testing etc.  Julia was impressed by the way that you openly tested on the bench, shared your experiences and methods of dealing with the situation.  This has helped her to be more open and forthcoming about her condition.

Julia was a hockey player when first diagnosed and other than the coach and trainer being aware of her condition she would not share the information with any others.  Since that time she has been forced to give up hockey due to multiple concussions and taken up competitive dance.  Once again she kept this information hidden other than on necessary forms that needed to be completed.    Since learning about your condition she has now openly shared hers with others at dance and school.  This has had such a positive impact on how she manages her condition, know more openly testing and administering her insulin.

Thank you again for being so open about your condition and a positive role model.  I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming season and the rest of your hockey career. We are hoping to get to the Leafs vs Coyotes game in the upcoming season.

Thank you again from Parents of Children with diabetes and all you are doing to help them to understand and take control of their condition instead of letting I take control of you.


Terry Martens

Hamilton Ontario