If we weren’t here writing this threads blog, we too would have been at the Justin Bieber concert in Glendale. Alas, there are sports to be covered. But the Biebs certainly forced his way onto this sports website when he sang part of his set Wednesday wearing a Max Domi Arizona Coyotes jersey.

There is a deeper history here that would lead us to believe Bieber doesn’t show up to every concert on tour wearing a jersey of a local star. OK, maybe he did rock a Wayne Gretzky Oilers jersey just this week … but that’s a signed Wayne Gretzky jersey for a concert in Las Vegas. We give him a pass. Shouting out Domi isn’t by accident.

Bieber, who was born in Ontario, is a fan of Domi’s father, former Toronto great Tie Domi. Last November, the two took a selfie together after taking in a Coyotes game in New York.

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