Dear Mr. Domi,

My name is Drew and I’m from Buffalo, New York. I have just watched as well as read the stories about your dog Orion and the immense help that the dog brings. I myself have type 1 diabetes, being diagnosed about 4 years ago during my final senior of college lacrosse.

I am now 25, and still dealing with the complications that come with this rare disease.

I am contacting you because as you may realize, there are not many diabetic atheltes talking about the lifestyle and commitment that comes with living a diabetic life. The awareness you have brought at a young age is what is needed for society to understand. I have been dealing with mental difficulties not being able to relate to non diabetics due to the constant mentality towards food by society.

I thank you for your commitment to diabetic awareness, and ask not for a response, but to keep informing society as well as other diabetics with ways to make this disease and sport come together and look to tackle the problems.

My doctors have brought up not playing sports anymore due to the shift in my levels, but sports are what keeps me going, coaching and playing sports to help the youth. I watched your game in Buffalo in which you scored two goals in the loss to my hometown team. I couldn’t think or stop watching the bench, and sure enough, you checked your level as you said in the videos. It has given me hope to keep fighting this disease and not give up when rough times come (halloween).

If you’re ever in the Buffalo region, I would like to offer a tour of the city, (if you haven’t had one from Rob Ray already). Mainly I would love to chat about the ways to create more awareness amongst society about diabetes, because I’ve realized one of my duties is to help educate our youth. If interested or there is any thing involving the awareness of diabetes, please contact me.

I appreciate all you’ve done already, at such a young age , good luck this season, I’ll be pulling for you.

Andrew Belica