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Max Domi was immediately a popular name when he came into the NHL because of his father’s notoriety from playing with the Leafs, but Domi says he “Hate[s] the Leafs”.

Domi was traded from the Arizona Coyotes, the team that drafted him, to the Montreal Canadiens early this offseason and immediately there were a lot of jokes about all of his connections to the Leafs. He even chose the number 13 and admitted it was because of Mats Sundin. Not a good start with his new fan base, but we’re sure his latest statements make up for it.

In a question and answer segment with Domi on the Canadiens Twitter feed he shows his commitment to the Habs in several ways (The two moments we’re specifically talking about start at 0:42):

So, just to recap, Domi says:

  • “I was a Toronto Maple Leafs fan growing up, but now I hate the Leafs. Let’s make that very, very clear. I don’t like anything to do with the Toronto Maple Leafs. I’m all Habs now and I’m all Montreal, not Toronto.”


  • “I’m going to try and get him to wear [a Habs jersey] for the first game in Montreal”.
    For a lot of fans, seeing Tie Domi in a Habs jersey is going to feel totally bizarre. We’re sure it will be fun for him though and we’re sure this attitude and loyalty from his son is something he would be very proud of.

He also retweeted the video, so… Are we going to see Tie Domi rocking a Habs sweater this season?