– Omar White
Max Domi is the new guy in town, and his future teammates on the Montreal Canadiens are already starting to make him feel welcome.

It’s been three days since the deal took place, and it looks like most have gotten used to the idea of Max Domi being on the Montreal Canadiens. Since then, the 23-year-old has signed a contract with the team that will see him locked in for the next two years and has a new jersey to match.

Something nice to see has been his activity on social media. More importantly, his interactions with some of the players on the team.

Phillip Danault and Andrew Shaw have both tweeted out a welcoming message to Domi since being acquired. His replies to them were equally as good to read.

Danault took the extra mile commenting on the trade in an interview with TVA Sports. The 25-year-old went on a limb to stay that it was an excellent trade and that Marc Bergevin added energy and work-ethic with Domi. Danault also mentioned how playing in a new city could send a player on different path saying:

We are waiting for Max with open arms. I’ve been there and a change of air can sometimes be good for a career (Translated).

All of this can do nothing but good for Domi in his first year with the Montreal Canadiens. Perhaps any off-ice chemistry formed over the summer finds its way to the ice.

Max Domi will be wearing number 13

Domi has his number set for the Habs while Karl Alzner is returning to something for familiar.